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At Nanticoke Hemp, we select genetics not only based on CBD:THC levels and ratios, but also by looking for characteristics like powdery mildew resistance, plant shape, plant behavior, harvest time, peak production cycles, flower bud density and more.

We select plants based on grower's end product results.


    Some questions we ask of our growers include the following to identify what variety might work best for their plan:
  • - Are you looking for biomass?
  • - Are you looking to grow for flower sales?
  • - How will you be harvesting? By hand or machine?
  • - How will you be drying? Hang dry or drying machine?


Our Facility


We have a facility that is specifically designed for the propagation of hemp plants with 2-acres of greenhouse space equipped with heated floors, boom irrigation and 1000W HID HPS grow lights. We built this facility from the ground up, taking every design feature into consideration. With sustainability in mind, we collect all the rain water off all our greenhouse rooftops and pull it from our 1,000,000 gallon pond to water our plants.


Hemp Propagation Proves Profitable for Bedding Plant Grower

"While Nanticoke Gardens’ primary involvement with the hemp industry is propagation, Pete said the company offers more than just starter plants.

“We also handle the logistics for hemp farmers,” he says. “This was a missing piece of the process. We can sit down with farmers and plan out how much acreage they want to plant and the number of varieties they want to plant. We will devise a production schedule for them so that they know when the transplants will be shipped and when they need to go into the field. They can refine their production plan so that they know when to prepare their fields for planting and when they should plant. This logistics planning really helps our relationship with our farmer customers.”

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What Our Customers Say